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10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles Of All Time.

10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles Of All Time.

If you’re reading this chances are that you’ve owned a home video game console. Be it a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or even Atari. Ever wondered which one sold the most? What the best selling game was for any of them? Read on to find out what the best selling gaming consoles of all time are!

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James Sullivan

James decided it was time to update this little tag line and call himself the EIC of GameAspect.Com and also the operator. He’s primarily a PC gamer but enjoys the occasional console game. RTS, Racing, FPS and RPG are his games of choice… but he’ll play just about any game.
  • Johnny LoveFive

    The ONLY verified 150+ million selling system is the Nintendo DS. Sony last reported the PS2 at 135+ million, stopping after that. Reporters ESTIMATE 150 million, but it’s not verified.

  • Alex

    That is one massive Xbox controller…

  • Osiris

    wrong, Sega Genesis is sold in 40 900 000 units, and playstation is 102 000 000

    • http://www.gameaspect.com/ Levowen @ GameAspect.Com

      Wikipedia lists the PlayStation 1 as 102.49 million however the page referenced for that number can no longer be accessed and is also in Japanese. VGchartz lists the PlayStation 1 as 104.25 million. Considering the Wii is a few million lower, suffice it to say at this point PlayStation 1 is in the second spot, that is until at least the Wii U comes out.

      As far as the Genesis is concerned there is some controversy over those numbers. That’s why an editors note of: [other numbers suggest closer to 40 million but we’re using the more conservative numbers] was left in the article. Realistically the numbers between the Genesis and N64 are a little close to call because of variations in both. So they should probably be considered a tie.

    • Johnny LoveFive

      Prove it. Show links where Sega verified this information. Nintendo verified theirs, prove Sega’s.

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