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Top 10 Best Selling Game Franchises

Top 10 Best Selling Game Franchises

Have you ever wondered how many copies each game has sold? What about which franchise has sold more than another? Well read on to find out the top 10 best selling game franchises. To date that is…

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James Sullivan

James decided it was time to update this little tag line and call himself the EIC of GameAspect.Com and also the operator. He’s primarily a PC gamer but enjoys the occasional console game. RTS, Racing, FPS and RPG are his games of choice… but he’ll play just about any game.
  • Mcclanahan626

    what happened to crash bandicoot or splintercell, halo, uncharted, god of war, zelda ?

    • Zulufrank

      Crash Bandicoot has sold approximately 50 million units world wide. Doesn’t make this list. Splinter Cell has sold approximately 22 million units world wide. Halo is actually on the last page of this list where the author says “wondering about other games” in 22nd place apparently with 46 million units sold. Uncharted has sold roughly 17 million copies. God of war has sold about 21 million copies worldwide. Zelda is also on the last page as stated above with Halo in 13th place apparently at 68.13 million units sold.

  • Kevcormier

    Warcraft has to be here somewhere, with 10 million+ subs at once in guessing sales probably top 100 million.

    • Zulufrank

      Isn’t World of Warcraft free to download? Anyways as far as I can tell World of Warcraft has only really sold 15 million copies of the software. Although it is definitely the highest grossing game around with over 10 billion in subscription money. As far as units sold however PC games rarely make the list. The highest grossing PC game is The Sims 2 with 20 million copies.

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