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Star Citizen Ends Funding With $6.2 Million

Star Citizen Ends Funding With $6.2 Million

Having recently ended its funding Star Citizen smashed its goal of $2 million dollars and raised an amazing $6,238,563 USD.  Securing Star Citizen as the most successful crowd funded video game to date.

The response to the game seemed to even surprise and almost certainly delight its creators.  In an open letter to the Star Citizen community Ben Lesnick from Cloud Imperium games stated “…We’re humbled by the incredible response from the space sim and PC gaming communities. We’re going to build an incredible game… Star Citizen will be the space sim you have always dreamed is possible. We can’t wait to show you more as development progresses!”

Immediate plans for the robertsspaceindustries.com site seem to include blocking access so that only backers can see news and information about the game.  However this doesn’t appear likely to happen until all of the backers who used kickstarter to fund Star Citizen are included on the robertsspaceindustries.com website.

Chris Roberts is known for many PC space flight sims such as the Wing Commander series, Starlance and Freelancer.

Founded in April of 2012, Cloud Imperium games is Chris Roberts’ own company and will be developing Star Citizen.  According to the Star Citizen website (http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/), the game will include a single player campaign called Squadron 42, which will be a call back to Wing Commander,  as well as an open world massively multiplayer game known as Star Citizen.

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