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Star Citizen Breaks Record For Most Successful Video Game Crowd Funding

Star Citizen Breaks Record For Most Successful Video Game Crowd Funding

Star Citizen, Chris Roberts latest space combat simulator, has reached a new high in its crowd funding.  Now at over 4.3 million in funding, Star Citizen is now the most successful crowd funded video game according to robertsspaceindustries.com.  The website will be accepting funding for the next 44 hours as of this writing.

Since achieving its original goal of $2 million, Star Citizen has been awarding a series of stretch goals for the project as funding is increased.  Additional ships, star systems, richer story lines are all promised as each stretch goal plateau is reached.  Currently the website lists a goal at 5 million which will include a companion application for tablets which will be linked to the universe to give updates on inventory etc.  The single player campaign known as Squadron 42 will include 50 missions total and have a voice actor return from one of the Wing Commander games.  Also listed is that Star Citizen will launch with 70 systems total, that is the same number as Wing Commander: Privateer when it launched.

According to robertsspaceindustries.com the funding will conclude with a live stream event starting at 1 PM CST on Sunday November 18th, 2012.  The website states “We will be live-streaming the end of the campaign live from Cloud Imperium’s temporary offices in Austin, Texas! You’ll watch Chris and the team broadcast the final hours of the campaign telethon-style until this is all finally over. We’ll be answering fan questions, giving away prizes and generally having a great time… and since we’ll be in Austin we’ve arranged for some special guests from the old days of Origin and developing Wing Commander to stop by and swap war stories!”

Chris Roberts is known for many PC space flight sims such as the Wing Commander series, Starlance and Freelancer.

Founded in April of 2012, Cloud Imperium games is Chris Roberts’ own company and will be developing Star Citizen.  According to the Star Citizen website (http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/), the game will include a single player campaign called Squadron 42, which will be a call back to Wing Commander,  as well as an open world massively multiplayer game known as Star Citizen.


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