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Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012

Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012

I play many types of games yes. And some of you might consider some of the games I play to be boring. Yes I accept that. But driving trains [Do you drive them? its not like you steer them or anything] is anything but boring, sometimes.

That aside, I noticed the other day that Steam started a download of the 2012 Deluxe edition of Railworks 3 that was promised to me since I already own Railworks 2. Its essentially a major update for Railworks 2 which reworks the interface, graphics, environment, realism tweaks, and new trains and routes.

Starting it up I notice that they’ve changed all the loading screens to different images, but largely the layout is the same as the last update for Railworks 2. Once it loads however I notice one very large improvement. The Graphics.

No longer does scenery stop at the edge of the tracks, now the environments have scenery as far as the camera can see. It actually does a very good job of giving you a huge sense of depth. Looking off in the distance you can see trees, houses, smoke stacks, rolling hills. All of the textures are much sharper now, and even the cars and pedestrians have seen upgrades which make them less blocky.

Controls don’t seem to have changed at all. You still have the option of simple controls and advanced, and the whole interface remains untouched.

After driving the train a little while I started to notice some new effects such as head wobble when in the drivers position. As the train switches tracks, or takes sharp bends the camera will sway to let you know how sharp that turn actually was. Another effect that really caught my eye was the rain effects on the window. Well actually it was snow. But I was watching snow land on the window while the train was sitting still, and as it melted it left behind little water droplets. As the water accumulated on the windshield, it started to run down the window. It’s a simple thing but it still was pretty cool.

Also noticed that headlights are now cast onto the tracks and ground now, I don’t believe that was ever the case in Railworks 2.

At any rate, this was a free upgrade. So if you already owned Railworks 2, then Steam has probably already updated your game for you.

Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta run a load of cement to San Bernadino. And no its not boring.

If you don’t have Steam you can visit the games website @ http:\www.railsimulator.com

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