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I picked up Rage because of how much I enjoyed Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The game seemed somewhat similar to Fallout with its story and looked like Borderlands comic style graphics and co-op ability. Rage is a first person shooter and was created by Bethesda and Id, so I was expecting a great story and gameplay.

The game takes place in a post apocalyptic future setting as part of a team trying to rebuild Earth but your vehicle is crashed and team is dead so it is a fight for survival. You end up joining with a group called the resistance who are trying to take down the oppressive authority who also want you dead.

Rage offers a driving based multiplayer, the game modes include a free for all deathmatch and game where you collect crystals and deposit them in random locations for points. There is also a co op quest line called Wasteland legends which offers missions based off the main storyline that you are able to do with a partner. The action in the Rage is entertaining. Although you can’t customize weapons you get different types of ammo to use such as explosive rounds, electric rounds and even crossbow bolts that are mind controlling causing the target to explode.

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The campaign in Rage is short only taking about 7 hrs, you can collect items and do some side quests as well which will add some time but nothing significant. Unlike FPS RPGs there is no level system and the game is not really free world. Some locations close after they have been beaten and parts of the map will only open with progression of the story, which took away a lot of the entertainment value for this game. The campaign is actually not co-op instead they have 10 side missions that you and one partner are able to play. The versus multiplayer gets boring very quick and the lobbies are always empty even though the game is just over a month old.

Overall I was not impressed with Rage, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is entertaining but there is a lot that could have been added. A larger map that you can travel at your own pace, a level system for your character and the abiltiy to customize weapons would have added a lot to the game. If you feel the need to play Rage I recommend renting it as their is almost no replay value to it.

Rating- 5/10

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