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GA’s GameCast Episode 27

GA’s GameCast Episode 27

Are you excited for Window’s 8?  Notch (Minecraft fame) isn’t.

GameAspect.Com’s GameCast Episode 27 with Alex , Charles,  James and Stephen

This week, on the GameCast. For our 27th week.  we talk about games coming out like Sly Cooper; Thieves in time, War Of The Roses, NBA 2K13, NiGHTS int Dreams, Resident Evil 6, Hell Yeah, Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit, RAW – Realms Of Ancient War, Pokemon White and Black 2 and Pokemon Dream Radar.  Have a look at the top charts Borderlands 2 has taken over and Guild Wars 2 hangs onto the charts, much to Stephens delight.  In the news: Notch doesn’t like Microsoft’s Windows 8, Valve releases a beta version of Steam on Linux, Call Of Duty developer states that everyone who plays Call Of Duty should play multiplayer, Bungie weighs in on Halo Wars stating that the franchise was “whored out”, Mount and Blade 2 is announced!  We also played our old kickstarter game.

What’s coming out this week:
Oct 1st, Sly Cooper, Theives in Time PS3
Oct 2nd,  War Of The Roses PC
Oct 2nd, NBA 2K13 PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Oct 2nd, NiGHTS into Dreams, PS3
Oct 2nd, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360, PS3
Oct 3rd, Hell Yeah, Wrath of The Dead Rabbit PC
Oct 4th, RAW – Realms Of Ancient War PC
Oct 7th, Pokemon Black Version 2 DS
Oct 7th, Pokemon White Version 2 DS
Oct 7th, Pokemon Dream Radar 3DS

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