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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

 Due to our new template our singleplayer review of Battlfield 3 is available in the news tab of Battlfield 3.

After much delay we’ve finally put some words to paper on our multiplayer experience of Battlefield 3.  Lacking from the following reviews however is mention of the cooperative campaign.  Sean and I had a chance to play through all the cooperative levels.

The co-op campaign is very fun, although maybe not as memorable as a certain other co-op campaign.  It follows its own storyline which is neither well explained or possible to tell if its followed throughout the missions.  Upon the completion of the campaign you are told that you had completed the master objective, however it still wasn’t clear what had been accomplished.

The co-op campaign consist of 10 missions, several are stealth and one takes place in a helicopter.   We found a lot of the missions to be very difficult.  Especially the helicopter one.  In the heli mission, one player is the pilot while the other player operates the weapons.  Its the same setup as the helicopters in multiplayer.  You don’t seem to have a choice before hand however who is in what position.

Despite the floundered storyline attempt, these missions are fun and recommended playing.  The difficulty isn’t really a big problem in co-op play since half of the fun is trying to push through a level with your friend.   Whoever you take with you into these missions though had better know how to fly a helicopter.

By James Sullivan
James is a regular contributor to GameAspect.Com and also the operator.  He’s primarily a PC gamer but enjoys the occasional console game.

The Overall Rating is the average between the two below reviews.

Andrew’s Take: (Xbox 360) 8/10

I really don’t have much bad to say about Battlefield 3, the dedicated servers provide relatively lag free games and a host can’t quit to end the game.  One thing you have to worry about is the EA servers being down which can be frequent. Vehicles in multiplayer although at times can be annoying, makes teams work together, and it can make for some exciting tank battles and dog fights.

Jets have been added to the game again since their absence in the Battlefield Bad Company series.  They’re only available in multiplayer and players don’t get a chance to practice with them.  Although a quick tutorial will come up when you get into a jet you have to learn on the fly.

As I mentioned earlier the EA servers tend to go down quite often including the middle of a game. My biggest issue and probably the smallest problem is that when you join a game with a squad it will seperate you, even though you can just join another squad with your team, and sometimes it will even put your squad on different teams. I believe joining Battlenet allows you to make a squad which will keep your team together though. Besides a few small glitches like falling through the map, this multiplayer improved on an already great multiplayer in Battlefield Bad Company 2.

The vehicles have pretty much remained the same with the addition of the jets and 2 small recon helicopters. The re-addition of jets for me hasn’t changed much in terms of gameplay.  It is hard for jets to target players on the ground, for players who cannot fly in Battlefield you won’t be affected by them. To get a jet in battlefield will require a lot of patience as they are always being used and normally players will wait by their spawn for them to come back.  If you do get one make the most of it.  As I stated earlier there is only on short tutorial that pops up once in the jet which makes it hard to learn to fly.

Battlefield 3 kept the same game modes as Bad Company 2. The game types include Rush where you have to destroy 2 enemy bomb sites in several different locations. Conquest is a game where you have to capture areas on the map and hold them.  Then there’s team death match which is simply getting more kills than the opposing team. The match ends when one team hits the predefined limit.

The class system is similar to Bad Company 2 with Assault, Support, Engineer and Scout classes. The main differences is that for the first time the assault and medic classes have been put together and a support class was added. This changes the assault role from supplying ammo, to becoming a medic. The new support class now supplies ammo to other players. This means that the medic class is removed from the game altogether. The assault class does not have defibrillators or med packs equipped immediately, as they have to be unlocked.

For the most part the weapons have remained the same. I have not gone through a list to do comparisons, but I am assuming new weapons have been added but the types of weapons have remained the same. Some of the new kit upgrades would be the flashlight which can be used to blind enemys and see into dark rooms, it does however make you an easier target to spot for snipers. For the engineer class you can unlock the EOD bot which is a bomb disposal bot that can repair and destroy vehicles aswell and defuse bombs. For the sniper class the addition of the M224 mortar which you opens up a mini map and relies on other players to spot enemy locations for it to be effective. Also for the sniper the Claymore which has appeared in other Battlefield games has been added as it was not originally a weapon in Bad Company 2 until the Vietnam expansion.

Overall Battlefield 3 is one of the more impressive multi player experiences.  Even the console versions of the game allow for 12 on 12 play which leads to plenty of action on large maps. With the added bonus of a single player campaign with a good story line Battlefield 3 is one of the best games of 2011.

Andrew Martin is a regular contributor to GameAspect.Com and also does the news.  Xbox 360 is his system of choice, with PS3 coming second.  He will play the occasional PC Game.

Sean’s Take (PC) 9.5/10

The single player campaign of this game was really well done, but the multiplayer just blows me away. In the single player review I mentioned that I never played Battlefield 2 Bad Company, but from what I hear this game improves the realistic shooter experience and adds elements to gaming such as more destructible environments, bullet drop, better sound recordings and more of them, cool new weapons and toys, and not to mention the Frostbite 2 engine looks incredible. I don’t know the difference between because I didn’t experience the upgrades first hand all I know is that the game is awesome!

I never thought I would say it based on the beta released earlier but I think that rush is my favorite game type.  My favorite maps to play Rush in are: 1 Damavand Peak which has and amazing free fall half way though the map down to the lower half and you get to use a parachute. I also like it because it is open concept and has man made as well as terrain obstacles to hide behind. 2 Tehran Highway which looks great as it is a night ops map and the use of vehicles in the map is such that a very skilled person can do well but a noob can not. I like the fact that parts of the map are open concept and parts are very close combat. 3 Seine Crossing is a challenging map to play any game type in and I love it because it is so claustrophobic. It has very tight close combat situations with snipers which can get into windows above your head and in store fronts The hardest map to play rush in for me has to be Operation Firestorm as there is no freaking cover if your team is attacking.  If you don’t get across the kill zone and find some cover fast it’s over before it starts. I also love classic capture the flag mode and my favorite maps for that are: 1 Operation Firestorm because it has large buildings in the middle of an otherwise pretty sparsely populated map. In addition to the buildings in the middle there are some towers where snipers can set up good positions rain fire down on you. 2 Caspian Border was featured in the beta and I mentioned before in a previous article I did that I liked the map. It is extremely open concept and a good map to use vehicles in as well as practice your sniping skills.

I’ve played all the weapons classes now and the assault class really just suites my style of play so I have the most upgrades for the M16A4 and AK-74M. I like both of these weapons and I think the upgrades are a good idea. I have however noticed that if you get behind in playing then other online gamers just get way too advanced. I even noticed this while playing the beta. I had to work so I didn’t play for about 60 hours and when I came back people were shooting the snot out of me and had all kinds of fancy upgrades for there weapons. Among the most annoying upgrades are the weapon mount tac lights and lasers. Now, I have a real 820 Lumen weapon mount tac light which is among the brightest light in it’s size category and I am telling you that during the day it doesn’t blind you and in fact you can’t even really tell it’s on. I just find it annoying that in bright environments people can blind you with these lights from 30 feet away.

As far as the actual operation of the game goes I have no major quarrels with the engine or servers. I find Battlenet easy enough to use and the interface looks clean and easy enough to navigate. I haven’t experienced any problems with lag in game but I have been dropped from servers occasionally for no apparent reason.

It boils down to this. The game rocks … go out and spend your money on it. I predict it’s going to win tons of awards this year and it is already setting records. I give the multi player 9.5/10.

Sean Sullivan is a regular contributor to GameAspect.Com.  He has a long history of playing PC games, however lately he’s turned to Xbox 360 to save his wallet from constant upgrades.

James Sullivan

James decided it was time to update this little tag line and call himself the EIC of GameAspect.Com and also the operator. He’s primarily a PC gamer but enjoys the occasional console game. RTS, Racing, FPS and RPG are his games of choice… but he’ll play just about any game.
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