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James Sullivan seen throwing caution to the wind

James Sullivan (EIC, Operator)

DOB: 1979
Systems: PC and Wii
Favorite Style(s): FPS, RPG, RTS, MMO, Racing Games, Adventure Games
Favorite Game(s): Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Tie Fighter(1994), Gran Tourismo
Started Gaming: ? dunno 5?  was on my neighbors Atari 2600.

Way back when my older (by 3 years) neighbor had an Atari 2600 that I played, my parents eventually bought me one for my birthday which was incredibly exciting.  And probably triggered the life long addiction I suffer with today.  Got my first PC in 1990 and have been a staunch PC proponent ever since with the exception of the vacation from PC with my Playstation 1.  I am hardset in my ways and don’t consider anyone who joined the PC crowd after Windows 95 a true PC gamer.  In all seriousness a true fan of all gaming genres but especially any game which manages to transcend its intended genre to make the game as interesting or fun as possible.


The ever decisive Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan (Contributor, Community Manager)

DOB: 1988
Systems: PC and XBOX 360
Favourite Style(s): First Person Shooter
Favourite Game(s):  Half Life 2
Started gaming: 7 years old?

Some of the first games I remember playing include: Wolenstein 3D, Doom 1 and 2 and Commander Keen circa 1995 at the tender age of 7. Perhaps I was a little ahead of the curve in the gaming department as far as age appropriate gaming goes.


Andrew looks at the wrong camera in what looks like a football club dressing room

Andrew Martin (Contributor)

Systems- Xbox 360, PS3
Favourite Genres: FPS, Third Person Shooters, Sports
Favourite Games: Call of Duty, Gears of War, NHL, Uncharted, Fallout 3
Started Gaming: 19

I have always had a system of some sort but was never really interested in playing them, Gears of War and Call of Duty are what really got me interested in playing games. The first games I remember playing are Mario Bros. and DOOM with Sean. I prefer consoles because I like how controllers are set up and that I can play them from my couch.


Alex is a one man band in Rockband

Alex D’Alessandro (Editor)

DOB: 1990
Sex: Boy-man
Hair: Common
Eyes: Hazelnut
Education: English, History, and Arrogance.
Physical Strength: Herculean
Mental Acuity: Prosimianesque
Wealth: Beggar
Prospective Wealth: 22.099 pounds per fiscal year. (In Whoppers)
Friends: Family
Major Skill: Cynicism
Minor Skill: Paronomasia
{Favorite Genre}
Caveat: I spend a large amount of time playing other game genres and enjoying myself heartily, but I’ve decided to choose just one genre in hope of keeping this succinct.

Strategy: Real time, turn based, and all other forms of arm-chair commanding. Attention to detail, micro/macro management, and a healthy power complex form the three pillars of strategy game greatness.

Alex’s Notable Games of Excellence: (Age of Empires , Command and Conquer), Civilization series, Age of Mythology, Company of Heroes, World in Conflict, Total War series, Black and White, Dungeon Keeper, ChessMaster, Rise of Nations, Supreme Commander, Warcraft, Sins of A Solar Empires, etc…)

I often strategize on PC and 360.

Stephen Doing....  Whatever it is that he does.

Stephen Doing.... Whatever it is that he does.

Stephen Murphy (Editor)
DOB: 1988
Systems: PC, Wii and Xbox 360

Favorite Style(s): Open World Sims- I love the freedom of games like Evochron, Spore and Minecraft to operate in an open world on my own terms. I despise games like “real life,” where I’m forced to operate on the terms of other people.

Favorite Game(s): Mount and Blade, Master of Orion, Fallout- Each of these games, though vastly different and great for many reasons, are exceptional in my mind for one: Freedom.

I started gaming at a very young age. I’d beaten Shining Force II twice before even starting school. It’s a hobby that I’ve stuck with ever since, and each year I find more and more compelling reasons to keep on with it. Gaming is travelling farther and faster than most of us ever dreamed, with innovations and market trends that couldn’t have been predicted 20, 10 or even five years ago. It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, and I’m excited.