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5 Of The Best Video Games with Gambling

5 Of The Best Video Games with Gambling

As part of the ever growing conundrum of art imitating life and life imitating art, so does computer games offer us chances to delve into the word of doing mundane everyday things. Much in the way that in real life you could log into an online gambling site and wager your real money, your opportunities to chance your virtual currency for riches is becoming increasingly abundant in video games with gambling.

Funny to think that a simple thing such as gambling for currency could add so little to a game, and yet some how add a whole new dimension to it. Even if the in game gambling wasn’t particularly good or meaningful, just having it as an option seems to open up parallels to real life.

Some parallels however don’t ring as true as other. Like for example… Where do I go in my town to bet on Chocobo races? Is there a Pazaak underground society that I’m not aware of? Pokemon slots? I don’t remember seeing an area anywhere in my local casino for arm wrestling. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. But then would I want to find the place that offers all of these sure fire ways of getting rich? Probably, although I’d probably enjoy watching all of the action more than trying to bet on it.

But maybe that’s what make these experiences so memorable, a chance to not have to risk your hard earned cash by participating in a trivial pursuit such as Chocobo racing. Which could only be described as an Ornithologist’s nightmare. With the added bonus of not getting a visit from Greenpeace! Or in turn play five finger fillet without all the ouchies. But i digress…

So without further ado, lets take a look at some of the best video games with gambling in them.


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